Active vacations

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               Active vacation - How to spend a weekend!

Trbullet imageuth be told, everyone lives and works for the weekend. A perfect weekend always seems like an o
asis in the desert. However, thinking and fantasizing about a perfect weekend isn't a guarantee that its actually going to be one. However, this doesn't mean that a perfect weekend/vacation is out of reach for you. All that matters is what you do with yours.

1. Plan Ahead
Planning is an action that has been emphasized enough times, especially where success is to be achieved. This should tell you that if your weekend/vacation is to be successful, there needs to be some planning involved. Calculate the expenditure and any other mini-detail regarding it.

By failing to plan ahead, you actually plan for failure. The weekend will come and before you figure out what it is that you want to do, it's 4 PM. On Sunday! Knowing exactly what you're going to do raises the chances of actually get it done and in good time.

2. Wake Up Early
Weekends automatically mean that you should sleep in and laze around in bed staring at the ceiling until the sun sets. Right? WRONG! However, this is what 60% of the population does. It is the same lot which complaints about having meaningless and boring weekends.

Waking up early when you are least expected to shows discipline and focus. Heading straight to the shower then to the gym will get your body and mind jogging in preparation for the weekend. It will energize you and get you fired up to get things moving. While others are busy building castles in the air, you will be on your way to the cabin or the club for some golf sessions.

3. Switch Off Your Phone
"I fear the day when technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." Albert Einstein.

Technology can be a gift and at the same time a devil. As a matter of fact, studies show that people lose up to 4hours each day scrolling down their phones. It is a sad fact. If you want anything done, switch off your phone and crawl back to the pre-cell phone era. Where people actually had to talk to each other face to face, ask for directions, spend time with their friends, spend quality time with their kids and spouses and most importantly, wait for Monday to read and reply to emails.

If you plan on hanging out with friends or family, make everyone agree on switching off their phones. You will notice that you will all have a better time, actually listen to each other and strengthen your friendship bonds.

4. Do Something Different
Repetition is the mother of boredom. If your colleague, friends or mom can presume what you'll be doing over the weekend or on your vacation, you're living a boring life. This life and the world at large have so much to offer. By doing the same things over again robs you off so many opportunities to explore and grow as an individual.

If your weekend normally entails hovering around the house and watching movie re-runs then its time for a change. How about going camping with the boys for once? Or going for a spa treat for some me time. Create a list of things that you've never done and start doing them one by one over the weekends.

5. Don't get wasted
It is a sad fact that people equate spending large amounts of their hard earned cash on beer to fun. Fun in this case means; acting crazy, embarrassing themselves, suffering temporary memory loss and spending their Sundays trying to get over a hangover.

Try indulging in an activity that actually adds value to your life; charity, forums, social activities to earn you friends, Visiting places that you've never been to before.

Your weekends and vacation holidays no longer have to be drab and predictable. Make every weekend a chance to do something to improve your life. You must not have a lot of money to have a nice weekends! Enough 100-200$ and less. Do you have more interesting plans but don't have enough money? Get fast cash advance (advice to use 24Biz.Biz) and keep all of your plans. Don't spend your time... DO ALL THE BEST! This way, you'll automatically find yourself looking forward to them. Your mind will be alert on Mondays and you are guaranteed to be a happier person in life. The personal satisfaction will illuminate and others will actually want to be associated with you.

Walking on bicycles!

Bike - this is one of the most useful exercise equipment for all muscle groups. In addition, you can see a lot of new and interesting things, riding a bike!

Hiking with backpack!

Hiking in the woods and nature are very popular with young people and very good for your health! Spend time away from the hustle and modern technology. It is very useful.



It is strictly individual: someone who loves extreme sports, and someone prefers to spend time quietly. However, never forget about safety!